Quality Standards

Quality, care and precision represent the most important aspect of our business. Only in this way is it possible for us to meet the high standards set by our customers and ourselves. We meet these demands with continuously conducted quality controls.
We carry out regular self-inspections, the removal of reserve samples of all larger product batches as well as their morphological and, if necessary, sequence-based analysis are a matter of course for us. Our previous experience as a partner of the food and pharmer industry, especially in the field of quality control in a GMP-controlled environment, is of great benefit here.
The batch-constant labelling of our products enables the traceability of the production of every single unit of Rhizo-Power - from the individual bottle to the bulk filling for the seed industry.
The manufacture of our products on an industrial scale also meets our high quality standards: our partners for production in high-capacity bioreactors are of course ISO 9001 certified.